Our Materials

PA Fieldstone

PA fieldstone is our preferred stone of choice in our fire places/fire pits/stone walls because of its thickness and colors. These stones come from farmers stone walls in PA where they separate the stone sizes and put them on pallets and ship them out. PA fieldstone also blends well with our patios and our planting designs.


PA Bluestone is our stone of choice because of its many uses. For patio construction we have a bluestone or a full color tone. Our full color bluestone is our most popular patio stone because of the unique colors it offers your patio. Every patio has its own color, no 2 patios are ever the same color.

Bluestone also comes in irregular shapes and colors that create unique patio/sitting areas.

Bluestone also comes in tread stock that we use in our staircases. If you were building a staircase or patio area with a fire place, all the materials blend together.

For all your hardscape and landscaping needs.